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Prevent Dehydration In Kids

Dehydration is a very common condition and every year thousands of children die from it. Although it is a serious condition, it is easy to prevent and treat as soon as symptoms are seen and taking care of it is necessary. We all have an average sixty percent of our body weight formed by water. This percentage can vary to more or less depending on the amount of fat in our body.

Children have seventy-five percent of their weight formed by water, while the elderly have only fifty-three percent (for men), and forty-six percent (for women) on average. That is, the greater the amount of fat in the body, the smaller the amount of water.

Dehydration is a disease that, if not treated at the right time, can be serious and lead to death. It is characterized by a low concentration of water and also minerals and organic liquids in the body, to the point of impairing the normal functioning of some organs. Dehydration can also occur following acute diarrhoea, affecting people of all ages, especially children (newborns) and the elderly.

How to prevent dehydration in kids

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To avoid cases of dehydration it is important to drink plenty of fluids, especially on warmer days. Make sure children are taking a number of fluids they need to maintain good body hydration.

Light clothing on hot weather

Children play a lot outside when the weather is warm. Active kids produce more heat when playing and less sweat than adults. This leads to dehydration since their ability to get body heat is reduced. Cloth your child in light clothing and do not let them exercise or play during the hottest hours of the day.


Another way to prevent dehydration in kids is to give homemade whey to children. Whey is made with water, salt and sugar. Salt helps keep water in the body and sugar helps replenish carbohydrate reserves.

Wash hands

Avoid cases of diarrhoea and infections by thoroughly washing your hands before meals, and after you have used sdsdfdffghghjhjhkgfgfgfhgfhghjhgjthe bathroom. Also, make sure that foods that are ingested raw have been properly cleaned and prepared before feeding them to your child.

In the case of children, any loss of water in the body will profoundly affect their weight and their metabolism. As children dehydrate (lose water) more easily, you must always be alert to avoid this problem.

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