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The Aloe Vera plant has numerous medicinal properties. It is rich in nutrients, vitamins as well as minerals good for your skin and also your hair. It is thus used as a common ingredient in most cosmetic manufacturing companies.

Amazing benefits of Aloe Vera

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It is useful for making your lips soft and supple. It does this by getting rid of dead cells on the skin. It then softens the lips by using its soothing property. In this manner, your lips become lighter. Administer this by applying aloe vera gel
on your lip as often as you want.

Skin moisturizer

One of the properties of aloe vera is that it is a natural skin moisturizer. It helps hydrate your skin and enhances its elasticity. This way your skin becomes smooth and healthy. When typically applied on the skin, it penetrates and keeps your skin’s pH balance in check. For oily skins, it is advisable to used aloe vera since it does not leave a greasy look on the skin.

Hair growth

Naturally, aloe vera eliminates dead cells from the scalp. Dead cells are known to clog hair follicles resulting to dandruff. By eliminating the dead cells, it helps your hair grow. Also by using aloe vera on your hair, you maintain your scalp’s pH balance. This makes your hair healthy and grows longer. Mixing aloe vera with castor oil and using the mixture to massage your scalp is the best way to use aloe vera for your hair.

Removes stretch marks

Aloe vera’s ability to repair damaged skin and restoring elasticity makes it useful for removal of stretch marks from your skin. Mixing aloe vera with water and applying on the stretch marks eliminates them with time.

Heals wounds and burns

Aloe vera has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties effective for treating minor burns and healing wounds. dsddfeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrEven insect bites and small cuts are easily treatable using aloe vera. You administer this treatment by cutting open a leaf of aloe vera and applying directly to the affected area. This gives a relief after a week of applying twice a day.

You may have been battling with one of the above problems. Make use of this amazing herbal plant and get yourself back in shape. You can even plant aloe vera in your kitchen garden for regular use. You are assured of the results so do not hesitate.

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